• Home Inspections

  • First Time Home Buyer Walk-Thru

  • Pre-Listing Inspection

  • Light Commercial Property

  • Manufactured Homes Inspections

  • Multi-Family Property Inspection

  • Pool Inspection and many other services.

Our service provides an in-depth, non-invasive, and visual examination of the accessible areas the residential or commercial property.  Clients receive a custom inspection report identifying defects within specific systems and components defined by these Standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector. Inspection reports may include additional comments and recommendations. The report will/can include the following sections depending on type of property being inspected:

  • Roof, Exterior, Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure

  • Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Fireplace and Attic

  • Insulation, Ventilation, Doors, Windows & Interior

  • Visual Inspection for Pest and Dry Rot.



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As the leading Home Inspection Service in the Central Valley, we give our clients the utmost attention and customer service they deserve. In this section, we’re proud to showcase a few testimonials from some of our valued clients.

Our Mission will always be to provide peace of mind.


Edgar did our home inspection and he is awesome! I like his report coz it’s organized, thorough and easy to understand. I highly recommend him!

Nigel B.


Great communication and superb customer service!

Janesa Shepperd


Edgar was very thorough and professional with his home inspection. Being an agent who wants the best for my clients and always steer them in the right direction, I would highly recommend Uphill Home Inspections and will definitely be using him in the future.

Jessica Borges


I appreciated coming into contact with this company after being recommended and I will highly recommend it to others as well!

Tyreek Lewis

Get in Touch

Very professional, punctual and house inspection report very detail and easy to understand. I will definitely recommend Uphill Home Inspections

Rosalinda Marquez

Get in Touch

Very professional, and received great customer service. I would recommend the service to others.

Jessica Villarreal



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SUPport both mental and physical resources.

Educate on entitlements after service.

Resources about school or employment.





Being a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy will forever be the greatest honor in my lifetime.  Being A Chief, gave me the opportunity to provide guidance and truly change the well being of sailors for the better.  Providing personal experience within my career, guidance with both Personal and Professional problems.

I started this foundation or non-profit to help those Junior Service Members after there military service.  Many get out without a plan, other get out because of personal issues.  Every single one had a different UPHILL TREK to conquer.  So every month, I will donate 10% of all sales to organization that strive to help those the sacrifice years to this country so we can enjoy our FREEDOM's.